A Novel Way to access
Synthetic Assets & DeFi

A decentralized platform for creating and trading synthetic financial products.

Effortless trading designed
to suit the needs of
various investors, allowing
intricate access to
countless assets

So, how does Beyond work?

Step 01
Stake BYN tokens to mint synthetics and earn daily rewards as added incentive
Step 02
Use synthetic tokens to invest in Foreign Exchange Currencies, Commodities, Derivatives, Cryptocurrency, and Equities through Beyond Exchange.
Step 03
Enjoy profits from investing in Beyond Exchange and portion of fees earned on beyond protocol as an incentive for Beyond users.

LIQUIDITY Through Exchange

Beyond takes an innovative approach of combining the usual Bid/Ask order book
mechanisms with automated market makers to protect users from exploitation.

Why is there a need for Beyond?

Beyond is designed to create the ideal synthetic product protocol for everyone.
whilst there have been other attempts in the market to create synthetic products
through similar concepts, there are critical flaws which erodes trust within synthetic products.

Beyond Dedication

Easily accessible, transparent and convenient synthetic product trading platform that
grants access to the vast wide range of traditional assets to everyone

Background of Team & Advisors

Beyond Partnerships

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